A little thread of gratitude...

Posted on December 23, 2021

Three months ago I drew this silly little ghost and an artist I respect said they kinda liked it??? Little did they or I know that I’d find myself here. In a space that feels like home. One where I cheer on relative strangers with an enthusiasm I’ve never felt before.

I didn’t draw it to be an artist. I’m not an artist, right? But three days later, another friend introduced me to NFTs. Wanting to find a way to jump in, I started to draw. I spend my days as a freelance web guy, cranking out client work. This was finally something of mine.

It was a welcome break from zoom meetings, code repositories and client briefs. Something to keep me sane honestly. I drew up a few little boos and posted them, which felt… weird. Like what am I doing?? I bought my first NFTs and joined an amazing community. It was @foxfamnft

I believe without FoxFam, And the people I met there, I likely would have bounced within two weeks. Everyone was nice? Like just… really nice. It felt like their wins were my wins. I found myself feeling at home… on the Internet… with some strangers.

It was one of those strangers who bought the first boo. @mrmakerbot, a fellow Fox, bought this guy below. I cried a little? Is that normal?? I decided right then that I would spend more time supporting others, cuz damn that felt good.

I kept drawing, but found a new love of being a genuine member of the space. Cheering on others and sharing in their journeys. In the process, I minted almost anything I could get pre sale for. This was… a costly mistake.

I decided to refocus on what I buy. Fighting the FOMO and only buying things I really love. Things I planned on holding for a long time or some even forever. Projects like @foodmasku's delectables, which I wear proudly as my everyday PFP.

Projects like @ToyBoogers where not only is the art fun and interesting, but the community has become like a little digital extended family. A family who has purchased several little boos (thank you all sooo much)

Realizing this really shoulda been a blog post instead of a brain dump, but the point is I am insanely grateful for each and every person who has been part of this journey. To @Iri0o for bringing me in. To @Panchito2414 who is constantly just supporting me day in and day out.

To my boys @ddotFi and @ItsTymo for being in every single community that's worth being a part of. You guys have both probably helped SO MANY people, but this is about me! Thank you!!

And finally to every single person who reads this or even scrolls by it in their feed. You all make my days bearable to say the least and pretty damn fun at the best. Aight ima give this mic back to Taylor Swift now, but just know I appreciate y'all .

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None of this should be taken as financial advice. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.